Day 5: Something you hope to do in your life

I don’t really feel like writing, but because I’m so freaking dedicated, here we go with Day 5. I’d hate to disappoint all my loyal readers, after all.

This topic actually reminds me of a post I wrote a little over a year ago about things I want to do before I die. And I’m happy to report that I’ve actually accomplished a couple of these. Literally two things. And I might have kind of cheated on one of them…

But I’d like to think I’m making a little progress:

  • I got a tattoo
  • I went to Barcelona (but I think I wrote that post after I already booked my trip, so it was really like when you do something and then add it to your to-do list just so you can cross something off)
  • I got a Groupon for guitar lessons (thanks, Min!) so that’s something I have to do before March 31
  • I didn’t write a novel, but I met a novelist (baby steps)
  • I started reading Don Quixote…
  • I went to an informational session about a Master’s degree program

But you know what I did do? I finally went on my mini-gypsy trip to Europe. Maybe I didn’t meet my prince/pop star/future husband, and maybe it was only for a little over three months. But still. I quit my job. I moved out. I bought a one-way ticket. And I saw a lot of stuff. It counts. Especially since it was something I talked about doing for a couple of years, and actually did it.

Me in Spain. With Don Quixote.

I feel like I keep getting sidetracked when writing these posts and kind of answering the question but not really. Well, I still want to write a novel. I want to keep traveling. I want to start a music business blog. And despite not being the homemaker type (according to my mom), I would like to start a family one day. In the future. The distant future. Don’t tell my grandma.

But for now, I really just want to upgrade from a storage space to my own apartment. I sure hope to at least accomplish that.

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