I’m a “Bon Vivant!”

My daily distraction (aka Mindy) sent me this quiz to find out my design style (from How About Orange). And while I generally object to being labeled, I must say I kind of like my results:

You most resemble an “Unpretentious Bon Vivant“.
A romantic simplicity defines your setting. Kitchen ambitions move slow by design. With everything else so fine, you can live with an unmade bed. Choreographed by you, the design fundamentals and colors present a moving style. Modern subtleties extend to your table. A lithe and agreeable cab – no meal required. Pre-war, upper east side attitude. Sytle cues of fun and discovery abound..

Suspected “Unpretentious Bon Vivants”
– John Lennon
– Cary Grant
– Coco Chanel

After I Googled half the words in the description, I decided that I agree. My “living beyond my means” lifestyle certainly allows me to splurge on a good dinner & wine occasionally and I’m happy to do it!

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