My top 3 Superbowl ads

It’s crazy that 24 hours haven’t even passed since the Superbowl yet, but I already feel like this post is very belated.

Anyways, here are my favorites from yesterday. If you need my to explain these or any other ads further, just let me know – I’m really good at that.

1. Chrysler’s Detroit Ad
Not that I’m trying to be some big cheerleader for Chrysler, but I guess they’ve just been stepping up their ad game lately! This is the only ad that literally got me to sit up and stare uninterrupted at the TV, blocking out all the hoopla around me. I love Eminem, and this is a great fit and a great story (unlike the iced tea commercial which I just didn’t “get”).

2. Volkswagon’s Empire Strikes Back
I don’t know if I would have liked this ad so much if I hadn’t coincidentally read this Penelope’s Trunk post the other day that really captures the subtle moments that make this ad memorable.

3. Dorito’s Are Finger-Lickin Good
This ad is probably only on this list because it’s so damn memorable. And I can just imagine how many references to it there will be in these next few days. Mmm, cheese!

What were your faves?

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