My tips for the Taste

So for many years I was convinced that going to the Taste of Chicago on July 3rd was a tradition among me and my friends. After missing it last summer because I was in Europe and my friends finally talking me out of the tradition, I’d given up on the Taste. That, and it’s really the worst place for someone who hates people to go.

But, I ended up going last night on a whim when my friend called me up. After a rocky start:

Things actually turned out fine. And, in my defense, within 1 MINUTE of my posting that on Facebook, several other people agreed. Let’s just say it was hot, I was feeling like a fat cow and some stupid couple just walked up right in front of us to the ticket booth even though we were next in line. Then, they proceeded to ask a million questions about the tickets. I was not a happy camper. But after I got some food & wine in my tummy, things were looking up.

That being said, here are my tips for surviving (and dare I say, enjoying??) the Taste:

  • Don’t go on the 3rd of July. There are no fireworks anymore, so it’s not even worth suffering the crowds.
  • Don’t go on a weekend. I went on a Monday evening, and it was great – not crowded at all.
  • Wear your “eating shirt & pants.” I made the mistake of wearing something that was not very forgiving.
  • Stick to taste portions. The full portions really can be quite filling, so I’d say it’s funner to just try a bunch of smaller plates to take advantage of the Taste.

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