Bonsoir from Paris!

Last week I hosted a Parisian-themed dinner party. Yes, I realize it makes no sense at all for me to host a dinner party (because I can’t cook for shit), but I bought these French placemats & Paris napkin holder when I was traveling last year, and I really wanted to put them to use! And while technically, it was a dinner, I really just wanted to re-create the experience of a French-themed evening, complete with cheese, wine, French music & good conversation.

The key elements for my French dinner:

  • My French placemats: I LOVE these! I got them in Paris last year, and each one has a different personality on it & description (i.e. L’elegant, L’epicurien). And yes, I don’t know French so I can’t actually translate the descriptions per se, but that’s why I left my handy little French-English dictionary on the table.
  • My Paris restaurant-style napkin holder. Practical, no. Cute, yes!
  • My ridiculous Eiffel-Tower-as-frenchman-carrying-a-baguette souvenir.
  • My Eiffel Tower lamp – actually forgot about this one until Mindy pointed it out midway through dinner! But it ended up providing the perfect lighting for an intimate dinner.
  • Cheese & Wine. I was a little upset that we only went through two and a half bottles of wine when I had bought six for the evening. Oh well – more for me! I got the cheeses from Pastoral (which I LOVE, even though it can be pricey) and picked a Bouchon, Mimolette & Ossou Iraty.
  • The perfect French playlist.
Yes, dinner was an afterthought, but I did actually end up cooking a super-cheaters version of Coq Au Vin (which is technically rooster) that I found online. In my defense, it did still involve steps & ingredients and it turned out quite good, so I’d say I out-did myself.
Anyways, here is my recommended French music playlist for the perfect Parisian evening:
  • Anything by Edith Piaf
  • La Vie en Rose (one of my favorite French songs)
  • Le Yeux Ouverts (my other favorite song – French version of “Dream a Little Dream With Me”)
  • C’est Si Bon
  • Padam Padam
  • Je Ne Regrette Rien
  • I Love Paris
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Via Con Me
  • Verlaine
  • La Mer
  • Anything from the French Kiss soundtrack
Originally, I had hoped we’d have time to actually watch French Kiss, but unfortunately it was getting late and husbands were calling about screaming babies so the mamas had to leave. For more picks & detail around the rest of the menu, check out Mindy’s blog post.
UPDATE: According to my mom’s French expertise, I should have called this post: “Soiree francaise a maison d’Agata”

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