Ok, I guess not ALL people are assholes

I know I’ve ranted & raved about the CTA a LOT, but it’s only because there are SO MANY rude people on the bus & train. Is simple etiquette really that hard to practice? For instance, if I’m standing in front of you and clearly getting off at this stop, is it necessary for you to push past me to get off the train first? And yes, this was, of course, a man. Then as I’m walking towards the stairs, this man is shouting at this older woman because his headphones accidentally got stuck on her backpack. RUDE!

But as I was walking down the street, my faith in humanity was (temporarily) restored. First, I saw a woman stop and offer to help a couple of tourists who were clearly lost. Then, I saw another woman stop and talk to a homeless teen who always sits in the same spot and help her out.

So maybe the moral of the story is just that men are assholes, and women rock.

Regardless, two minutes later I reached the intersection of Michigan and Lake, where almost on every single corner people were honking at each other.

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