Yelawolf rolls through Chicago for Hard White Tour

Last night, Yelawolf rolled through Chicago as part of his Hard White Tour thanks to Ruby Hornet, Knuckle Rumbler & Muve Music. I was excited to see Yelawolf perform after hearing rave reviews about his last show in Chicago.

First up, DJ Craze, who I learned is a three-time (consecutive) winner of the DMC World DJ Championships, got the crowd hyped. Then, Rittz came on to open the show. Admittedly, I really didn’t know much about Rittz. I had seen his name pop up a couple times on various music blogs but never heard any of his tracks or even saw what he looked like, so I’m not sure what I was expecting. But he came out with his crazy hair and did his thing.

Finally, Yelawolf hit the stage, and brought some crazy energy to the crowd. He opened up with Daddy’s Lambo.

At a certain point, he took a break to give homage to a variety of classics, from Folsum Prison Blues to some crazy white boy shit that involved lots of headbanging to Eazy E to — of course — Eminem.

And of course, Yelawolf performed my favorite track of his, Pop The Trunk. I remember first hearing this track and seeing the video and it just felt really different and unique. To me, this sound really channels some isolated, Alabama environment.

Disclosure: Muve Music is a client and sponsored this Ruby Hornet / Knuckle Rumbler – produced concert.

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