Find unique antiques at the Randolph Street Holiday Market

I recently read about the Randolph Street Market in Today’s Chicago Woman, and heard that their annual Holiday Market is coming up next weekend. The market is a monthly affair, featuring a variety of antiques and other unique items from throughout the city. Reading about the antique market even prompted me to take an impromptu trip to several antique stores nearby on Damen and on Belmont.

The last event in 2011 is the Fifth Annual Holiday Market, billed as the ultimate vintage holiday event. The expansive venue will feature a mix of vintage and modern fashion, jewelry, decorative objects, housewares and gifts.

  • When: Saturday, Nov. 19 & Sunday, Nov. 20 from 10 am to 5 pm
  • Where: 1340 W. Washington St., inside Plumber’s Hall (free parking!)
  • Cost: $10 admission with $10 shopping refund voucher (discount tickets available online)
For more information on the Holiday Market and other events, check out the Randolph Street Market website.

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