Drinks at Sofitel’s Le Bar

Complimentary snacks with our drinks

I had a long day but also had cause to celebrate, so when Frances text me to grab a drink, I couldn’t resist. We decided to go to Le Bar at the Sofitel Hotel, which I’ve been to a few times now. It’s the perfect place for “just one drink” – and you really only have one drink because the bar just doesn’t seem to inspire excess.

I love how they hook you up with a little platter of snacks as soon as you sit down, and the lights in the ceiling feel like twinkling stars. And I couldn’t resist a cheese flight – camembert, manchego & crottin (which was my favorite of the night). Cheers!

Cheese platters may be the death of me
And yet I've still never made it to the Cafe des Architectes!


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