A wino’s guide to Chicago

Yesterday, I discovered a great new spot to buy wine in the city, so I thought I’d list out my favorite spots to grab a bottle of vino.

Foodease Market

I was shopping downtown with my mom yesterday, and she introduced me to the Foodease Market in the cafeteria area of Water Tower Place. She swears by their soup, but I was delighted to find their wine shop. 200 wines under $25. Nice! But more importantly they had some really cool selections, including legit Porto from Portugal and Vinho Verde!

The wine shop at Foodease market

World Market

Once again, my mom put me onto this wine selection. Hey, like mother, like daughter. In addition to featuring random items from across the world, World Market features an interesting if selective array of international wines. I also like that they tend to offer more descriptions around each wine, including the rating.


This cute little shop has a couple locations, including in Rosco Village and West Town. I’ve always found some cool new wines here, and they also often host events, from smaller tasting events to larger networking get togethers. I still remember this amazing rose I discovered at Lush. And they have a pretty cool blog, too.

Photo from Lush


While this shop doesn’t have quite as many wines to select from, and it is a bit more pricey, they get points for also offering AWESOME cheeses. They also get extra points for being just down the street from my office in the loop. You can also find a Pastoral location at the French Market by Ogilvy Station.


I can’t forget about Binny’s. It’s an oldie but a goodie. You just can’t beat Binny’s selection, and be sure to get their membership card!


  1. Awesome! I love all those places especially LUSH and Foodease.. and the bartenders at Foodease are the best, they are personably and super nice. For I also have a wine blog http://wineofthetimes1211.blogspot.com/2011/11/vineyard-in-motherland.html stop by and check it out sometime. I am a sefl proclaimed sommilers LOL… I love, honor and respect wine from all regions.
    Your blog is awesome keep up the good work!
    Till then
    Ciao, Drink and Be Merry


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