Top 11 of 2011

My crafty friend Mindy posted a blog chronicling her Top 11 photos of 2011, so I thought I’d do the same. Except I don’t have any kids, so these are just the top 11 photos chronicling the highlights of my year. The new Facebook timeline feature is really coming in handy for this. It’s been super easy to go back in time, month by month, and see what was going on in my life. And yes, I realize it’s somewhat sad that Facebook can tell the story of my life.


1. After living the gypsy life in Europe for three whole months, I was back home with my mom. Luckily, this year I wasted no time in getting my own place again!

Moving Day

2. Go Bulls! It was a good year for the Bulls, and me and my bro had to hit up a playoff game. And since it was an 11 am game, we kept the party going from about 9:30 am until 4 am!

3. My babcia (grandma) came to visit us in Chicago this spring. It was nearly impossible to get her to commit to it, but come Easter, she was here. I love how she’s holding my brother’s hand in this photo.

4. I ended up attending a lot of random Polish events this year. From art exhibits to movie premieres to piano concerts, I was representing my Polish pride!

5. I actually got my ass off the couch a couple times this year to go biking along the lake. My favorite spot to stop and sit is by Diversey Harbor – you have a great view of the skyline, plus you get to watch all the boats going in and out of the harbor. And yes, yet another year went by without me accomplishing my goal of biking to work.

6. For the first time, I went to Lollapalooza this year! It was amazing, and I partied like a rock star.

7. I got to travel for work this year, and it took me to lots of places for the first time, including Philly and New York City! I also got to make stops in Los Angeles and Denver.

8. One of my closest friends asked me to be her daughter’s godmother this year! I am such an adult. I know I’m wearing sunglasses at a dedication ceremony, but I swear I took them off right after this photo was taken.

9. Halloween. I don’t really like Halloween that much since it pretty much almost always ends up sucking. But I couldn’t resist putting up this photo of my brother dressed as a penguin buying something at Jewel.

10. I had an amazing time in Peru this fall! It was my first time in South America and I loved it. Our grueling five-day hike was, well, grueling, but also an awesome experience. I actually want to go hiking again. Plus, Machu Picchu was truly memorable!

11. It’s been a great year at work, and I just celebrated my one-year anniversary there last month. I get to do all the things I love – social media, music, Hispanic market outreach – and while I might spend plenty of time in the office, at least I have this amazing view!


  1. I like your brother holding her hand too 🙂 You mean you like to meet the Hongs at Diversey Harbor! Glad you got to travel too. And you are quite lucky with that view!

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