Chicago’s Blok Club DJs Annual Meet & Greet this Sunday

This Sunday, hundreds of DJs and other involved in the music industry will gather at Adriana’s to network during the Blok Club DJs annual meet & greet event this Sunday. Last year’s event brought out labels, artists, executives, promoters, and media, so if you’re doing music or want to be doing music, don’t miss this prime networking opportunity!

Blok Club DJs is a group of individuals that share a combined passion and appreciation of music and the true artistry of DJing. They spin the hottest records but also educate members about the music business, encourage industry networking, train DJs across multimedia spectrum, take unskilled, younger DJs and help them perfect their skills and finally, grant aspiring artists an outlet to successfully promote their music.

Check out the flyer for details and you can register & get tickets here.


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