Albany Carroll Arts Building

As part of Chicago Artists Month, I went to check out the Albany Carroll Arts Building. It’s actually the only stop I made it to as part of Open House Chicago, too. Let’s just say it was another weekend of trying to squeeze in too much into two days. Nevertheless, I’m still determined to check out a lot of the site on my Open House Chicago list soon.

But on Sunday, I ended up at the Albany Carroll Arts Building because a family friend, Marcin Murawski, has his photo studio there. What a cool building – it’s in a warehouse area and it’s two connected buildings filled with all types of artist spaces, from sculptors to artists to photographers.

I especially loved checking out the Opal Glass Studios, which were filled with stained glass works, including a couple very cool art deco-type designs. And then we also checked out a furniture artist’s studio thanks to his sign out front that there were free kittens inside. At first I thought it was a promotional stunt, but there really were kittens there he was giving away!

Unfortunately, the building itself is not typically open to the public, but be sure to check out the website for a complete list of artists.

Stained glass works at the Opal Glass Studios
Opal Glass Studio

Marcin Murawski’s studio

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