Happy Halloween!

black cat halloween
How creepy did this candid shot turn out??

The other weekend, I hosted the Annual Pumpkin-Carving Party at my place. Adam actually got me in the decorating spirit with trips to Target & Party City. Of course, that ended up including a fog machine, which was surprisingly cheap.

However, when Adam fired up the fog machine during the party, the entire apartment quickly filled with fog and minutes later we heard the fire truck sirens right outside my apartment. Oops. I live half a blog from a fire station, and figured maybe one of my neighbors called them. Luckily, the firemen just happened to pull up there because they were giving kids rides on the truck, sirens and all. PHEW!

It was a minor Halloween miracle that I actually baked and made some cupcakes & brownies for the gathering. But I left the more complex, mummy dogs to Adam.

hot dog mummies
They’re hot dogs. And mummies!
halloween monster brownies
Monster brownies

Sadly, by the time I actually got around to carving my pumpkin, everyone had left. Wah wah… I grabbed my wine and got down to business to carve out this Burton-inspired design.

carving halloween pumpkin
In action.
tim burton nightmare before christmas pumpkin design
My masterpiece. I hope you can tell what it is.

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