My First Time: Lincoln Park Zoo Lights

lincoln park zoo lights chicago

Last night, I headed to Lincoln Park Zoo to check out the Zoo Lights exhibit for the first time with my mom. I’d driven by and seen the lights from LSD before, but never actually ventured into the zoo to experience them firsthand. Since it was unseasonably warm (thank you, global warming) I feared the zoo would be PACKED with people. However, it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. Unfortunately, we took the bus there and the ride was so horrendous it took me a long time to recover and try to enjoy the evening. That being said, the traffic was pretty bad all around the zoo, so I still recommend taking public transportation there, despite the CTA’s shortcomings.

It was a beautiful night to stroll through the zoo and enjoy the lights. I only wish there were more animals out & about, but then again they probably would have been stressed out with all the people there. You can see the lights every weekend in December, and starting December 6th through January 6th, the lights will be on display every single night. And in case you didn’t know, it’s completely free to visit the zoo and see the lights!

Zebra light sculptures

Zebra light sculptures

Row of trees sparkling with colorful lights

Row of trees sparkling with colorful lights

My mom :)

My mom 🙂

Giraffe light sculptures

Giraffe light sculptures

Walkway lit up by colorful lights

Walkway lit up by colorful lights

2 Responses to “My First Time: Lincoln Park Zoo Lights”
  1. Mindy says:

    Did you see any animals sleeping though!? The gorillas even have little blankies!

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