2012 Year in Review: According to Facebook

Facebook year in review

My office-mate noticed today that Facebook is offering a feature on your personal profile page called “See your 2012 Year in Review.” Basically, it takes your updates and activity from the past twelve months and compiles a year in review page. Based on my page, I’m guessing they look at most-liked/engaged posts, albums with the most uploads in them and who tags you most frequently. And then there seem to be some pretty random entries.

So what were some of my 20 biggest moments from 2012?

  • Getting tagged in a bunch of photos my brother and boyfriend posted
  • An updated profile photo I recently uploaded
  • A post that read,I think I put on too many layers today. I can barely bend my arms and I feel like a fat guy in a little coat.”
  • An old photo of me with a monkey that my mom posted 
  • Photos with celebrities like Tyrese, Nelly and Eric Benet
  • A photo of me stealing a chair from a toddler
  • Being part of my friend’s wedding party
  • Checking into two random locations on Foursquare

So, lots of photos and not too much of anything else. Regardless, it’s always fun to look back at a year of social media activity!

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