LM Bistro & my favorite Parisian spots in Chicago

hotel felix

The other night, Frances and I ended up adding another hotel bar to our list: LM Bistro at Hotel Felix. We had already had a couple drinks at happy hour elsewhere (along with half the bar menu), and were looking to have one last drink before calling it a night. LM Bistro was the perfect spot.

I’d been to LM Restaurant in Lincoln Square before (it’s closed now), but this was definitely more of a laid-back vibe. We ordered some wine and a cheese platter, and since it was late on a Thursday night, had the place mostly to ourselves. Although there was only one other table seated and a couple people at the bar, it didn’t feel empty – it felt cozy.

I just loved the Eiffel Tower drawn on the chalkboard and the cool wine collection, displayed behind a glass wall.

Chalkboard Eiffel Tower at LM Bistro
Chalkboard Eiffel Tower at LM Bistro
Wine displayed at LM Bistro
Wine displayed at LM Bistro

I’ve been compiling quite a place of Parisian refuges here in Chicago. So far, here are a few of my favorite spots:

  • LM Bistro
  • Bijan’s: cute yet affordable French restaurant right downtown on State Street
  • Paris Club: haven’t really partied there, but did have a great Mother’s Day brunch
  • Paris La Nuit at Katerina’s: this jazz group plays pretty frequently at this small bar on Irving Park
  • P.O.S.H.: this is the most adorable boutique shop, not overtly Parisian, but it does have some really cute French finds

There are still plenty of other places I want to check out though, including Mon Ami Gabi. What other cool Parisian spots are there in Chicago?


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