Four Generations

Lately my mom has been on this kick of scanning old family photos and putting them up on Facebook. Which is fine by me as long as she stays away from all those snapshots of my awkward years in junior high.

But yesterday, she posted an album of four generations of her family that was really cool, so I wanted to share that here. After I took a few months off work to travel and ended up in Poland for awhile, I had this lofty goal to sign up for and put together a book about my family. I even bought one of those family tree binders and interviewed my grandma and mom a bit. Needless to say, that binder is still mostly empty. However, I’m thinking I should pick that project back up. (Side note: has anyone successfully used to trace back their ancestors in Europe? Is there any other resource I should check out?)

Without further ado, here are four generations of my mom’s family:


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