HEX-Portrait 01 by HEXbyADR
HEX-Portrait 01 by HEXbyADR

You may know that I have a friend who is a very talented painter. His name is Adrian Zavala, and he’s been painting for decades, and is finally ready to show his work to the world. He’s currently working on a new project called HEX by ADR, and you should definitely check out his Facebook page for an initial taste: www.facebook.com/hexbyadr

As we sat on a rooftop on this amazing fall evening in Chicago, Adrian’s friend asked him, “Do you prefer to paint when you’re happy or sad?” To that Adrian said it didn’t make a difference to him, because, “For me, there are three feelings: Happy, Sad and Painting.”

It was a simple statement but one that truly reminds me of Adrian’s commitment to painting. Ever since I’ve known him, Adrian has been painting. He’s been painting since studying under Carlos Navarro back in Mexico City. Before that he was making art as a child. Throughout a very successful career as an art director in the advertising industry, both here in Chicago and in Mexico, he’s always been painting. It’s what he’s always consistently wanted to do.

That’s why I’m so proud (and I know I’m not the only one) that he’s ready to more formally show his work in Chicago.

Of course, that’s not to say this is the first time he’s exhibiting. He has exhibited at galleries in Mexico and been recognized for his poster art, winning the Chicago Latino Film Festival poster contest two years in a row as well as winning first prize in the International Poster Biennial of Mexico.

But now, he’s found a theme that has inspired him to create this new project, HEX by ADR. He writes:

“This project is the result of the need to create from scratch, to experiment and to evolve. HEXbyADR is inspired by mythology, my fascination for symbols and what they represent for all of us as a society.”

We are only getting started on spreading the word about HEX by ADR, so please check out the Facebook page and give it a like. And stay tuned for an update on a collective exhibit Adrian will be part of later this month. Details on that coming very soon…

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