Music Dealers Showcase Local Chicago Artists

On Friday night, I checked out a Halloween party at Music Dealers, where they had three local bands performing that have been featured in the music licensing company’s partnership with Coca-Cola for 52 Songs of Happiness. Sadly, we missed most of the third band because we’re old and can’t hang and ended up leaving to eat at Tempo Cafe….before midnight. But the first two put on a great show, and over the past couple days I’ve experienced moments of serendipity around both.

First up was Living in Pretend, a trio of boys with a couple cute & entertaining singers. I like their sound in general, but their cover of Andrew Belle’s “In My Veins” really caught my ear. I had almost forgotten about it until the following night, when I spent Saturday evening marathon-watching ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars on Netflix (God, I’m old). As I watched a montage scene set to this amazing song, I realized I had just heard it the night before – sure enough, it was Belle’s “In My Veins.” I mean, what were the odds?

Check out the band’s single, “Keep on Movin’.” You can also support the boys of Living in Pretend by downloading their free EP here:

Next up was Julian Bell. I wasn’t sure what to expect from him when he first took the stage, but this kid is good. Of course, he caught my ear with a cover of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” but overall he was super entertaining, playing guitar while singing. Then, this morning I’m Googling him to listen to more of his songs, and one of the first search results I see is a YouTube video of him performing on The CW’s The Next – on my client Cricket’s YouTube channel, since the company sponsored that show last year. I totally forgot he was on that show when it came to Chicago!

Julian is performing at Lincoln Hall on November 24, so you should definitely check him out — especially since it’s a PAWS Benefit Concert.

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