Chloe Mila’s baby shower

baby shower pink cake chloe dessert table

It’s getting real….baby Chloe Mila Kubalski is coming soon! I’m about to be an Aunt and will most likely need to change my first diaper ever. But first, the parents-to-be had a baby shower last weekend. The big event was hosted by Lena’s friends and her mom at Zia’s, a yummy Italian spot in Edison Park (they also have a second location in the city on Ashland & Grace with a great Bloody Mary special on Sunday mornings).

I loved that it was a co-ed baby shower. It feels more like a party, and includes more of your close friends to celebrate the baby coming. Plus, it minimizes games, which I abhor. Lucky for me, there were only a few low-key activities at the shower, and I won one! So I guess I can’t complain. One of the games had to do with how much random crap you had in your purse, and being the hoarder I am, of course I won.

All in all, it was a beautiful celebration of my soon-to-be-here niece!

I hung out with my mom and aunts, who are quite the trio.

For my gift, in addition to selecting a few things off the registry, I had to hook up my brother and Lena with some Mamba candies. I got one for my brother on Easter and they were such a hot commodity, that this time around they each got their own. I also got a few books for Chloe, one of which had to do with a pea, which is ironic because I hate peas. My mom got them The Little Prince, a book I absolutely love.

Can’t wait to meet Chloe Mila!

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