My Poland Playlist

One of my favorite parts of traveling to Poland or any other country is to hear what’s hot on the charts there. Since I spent my evenings trying to fall asleep on a tiny futon in my grandma’s living room that I shared with my mom, I had plenty of time to watch music videos on 4Fun.TV. As a result, I usually come back from overseas listening to clubby Euro music. Here were my faves, with a playlist link embedded below.

Cavin Harris “How Deep Is Your Love”
I’m obsessed with this song. The video is pretty much one long ad for Gigi Hadid, but I’m cool with that.

Major Lazer “Powerful”

Kygo “Stole the Show”

Habibi (I Need Your Love)
This is just one of those upbeat songs that makes me want to go party in Ibiza, even though I’m too old for that. And who knew Shaggy was still around?

Katy Tiz “Whistle”
This song is actually featured in the commercial for my client, Philips Sonicare. Apparently it’s a hit overseas.

Sarsa “Indiana”
I can’t access most of this Polish singer’s music or music videos in the US, but here’s a bootleg link to one of her singles.

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