Art Basel Day 1: SCOPE Art Fair

Miami was pretty much as gloomy as St. Petersburg, but at least it was warm. Our first day there, we grabbed an early dinner on Ocean Ave. (where I had a surprisingly delicious meal despite being on Ocean Ave.) and headed to the SCOPE Art Fair.

Scope is one of my favorite fairs in Miami. The energy just feels especially youthful and fun and accessible. It’s the first place I saw one of Hebru Brantley’s pieces a couple years ago. It’s had some really show-stopping pieces the past couple years. It’s one of the few fairs where I actually end up talking to the gallery people, who are approachable not intimidating, and learning about new artists.

Here are some pieces that caught my eye at Scope.

These selfie mirrors were a big hit. The neon sign shows one message when you look at it, and a different message when you see it in the mirror.

Also, I realized that my new goal in life is to own a big neon-lit piece. These were two at Scope that I could picture hanging on my wall.

My mom and I couldn’t resist these photo-worthy Coke bottles on the wall at Scope. I can’t help it – I love my Coca-Cola.

Lastly, the booth design award goes to Red Truck Gallery from New orleans gallery scope art fair miami beach art basel 2015

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