Merry Christmas: DIY Book Tree

Christmas 2017 DIY book tree

Every year, I get a real tree for Christmas. I go out, pick one out, stuff it in my car, drag it up to my apartment and decorate it with my childhood ornaments. This year, I started getting in the Christmas spirit early and decided to try creating a book tree I saw online. I … Continue reading

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I stepped up the whole holiday decorating thing this year (by my standards at least). We went out and ended up getting a pretty huge tree, which I managed to fit into the living room after rearranging everything else. Having a fireplace in the living room is just perfect for Christmas coziness and … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! It’s warm out and there’s no snow, but Christmas is here. We always spend Christmas at my mom’s house, so the past several years I’ve just had a small fake tree at my place. But this year, I decided to get a real tree for my apartment. And I’m so glad I did … Continue reading

My Top 5 Holiday Movies

So I’m trying to get in the holiday spirit. I put up my little fake tree, put up some christmas lights and I may even go ahead and buy myself a present today! One thing that definitely helps me get in the spirit is watching some of those classic holiday movies. Here are my top … Continue reading