Miami – burning up

We finally made it to Miami! Those last few hours on the road seemed like they would never end. I almost suspected that Mike pulled over while I was taking a nap because it seemed like we were barely making progress! But we finally got here and checked into our hotel. Hotel location is nice, right on Ocean Drive, and the room is cute. But the view out our window is an alley so that kind of sucks. More importantly, we were misled when it came to parking and wifi! There is no hotel valet or parking and wifi is at a neighboring hotel around the block. Not cool.

This time around in Miami, I feel like an old person. Our first night we had a yummy Cuban dinner at Bongos on Ocean Drive, but after a couple drinks we were  ready to sleep. In our defense, we had been driving all day.

Second day, we went to the beach. As soon as we put our stuff down in the sand, a bird shit on Mike. It was pretty funny. Although he didn’t find it quite as funny as I did, I assured him it was a sign of good luck. After a couple hours on the beach, I was officially sun-burned. As if the pain wasn’t  enough, I’ve  had to listen to Mike ever since  then, saying “I told you so.” Just because I ignored his advice to put any sunscreen on. I figured the January sun can’t be that bad! I was wrong. Very wrong. I couldn’t help it! Coming from cold, dreary Chicago, I saw the sun and hotness and freaked out. I OD-ed on sun.

After the beach, we spent the rest of the day walking around. We had lunch at News Cafe, where Mike almost got attacked by another bird. And by attacked, I mean the tiny cute little bird flew past him. But whatever, it seemed to freak him out! Apparently he is now afraid of birds.

We walked for hours around South Beach and up and down Lincoln Ave. And when it came time to choose a place to eat, we couldn’t decide! It’s difficult to choose when the streets are lined with one restaurant after another,  and you know nothing about any of them. Finally we physically couldn’t walk anymore so I manned  up and chose a spot. And what a great choice it was! We had this delicious beef tenderloin on a skewer, and it was hanging over soft, buttery mashed potatoes and veggies. I am cuisine-choosing  queen.

After all that sun, walking and filling dinner, I was in no condition for anything except laying down in bed. Again, I felt like a party pooper.

So today, after spotting the couple next to us enjoying several rounds of mojitos at breakfast, I suggested we just party it up and drink all day! Mike said, “Yea, and you’ll be in bed by noon.”  Touche.

And now I’m here, so that’s it for my Miami  updates for now, part 2 will come later.

Hasta luego.

One comment

  1. “OD’d on sun.” — a new, classic line, Agatha!

    BTW, News Cafe rocks. Love that place.

    BTW2, Mike, it is, indeed, good luck to get shit upon by a bird. More points if it was like an eagle or something or a pelican with a fish hanging out of his gullet, but if it was a seagull, well, maybe only a little bit of good luck. :>)

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