Road trip part 5 – Tiene cambio?

So on our last full day in Miami, we took a drive over to Little Havana in Miami. FYI, the “historic” part of the area is on 8th street (Calle Ocho) between 13th and 17th or so. It will save you a lot of driving around, trust me. Anyways, we got to see the walk of fame and the domino park where all the old-school Cuban guys still hang out. We got caught in a downpour for a few minutes, but luckily the rain passed fairly quickly so we could continue our soveneir (I can never spell that word right) shopping of a cafe set and guayaberas.

After taking a nap (speaking of old school), we ended up heading over to Miami’s oldest bar –  Tobacco Road. NOT Tabasco Road, which is what I kept calling it all night. Nice place,  unfortunately the band we went to see was playing out back on the patio, and  it was cold (at least by Miami standards, and definitely by mine). So after freezing my butt off  we finally headed  back to South Beach.

The night wouldn’t be complete without a quick stop at South Beach’s most awesome pizza spot – Groovy’s Pizza. It’s a little place near Washington & 9th, and I can’t exactly explain what makes it so awesome, but just trust me – it’s great.

I’m proud to say that at least on our last night in South Beach we managed to stay up past midnight! There’s hope for us old geezers after all!


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