Road trip part last – driving

Now that I’m back home I can reflect on the decision to drive to Miami.

Pro – You can pack as much stuff as  you want in the car. No airplane restrictions. Also means you can buy as many souvenirs as you’d like. Hello, Elvis shot glass! And Lincoln book. And Graceland glasses. And cafe cups set. And the list goes on.

Con – Driving in the winter sucks. Forgot that days are shorter, so we ended up driving in the dark too much.

Pro – You get to really see the country. It was awesome seeing all the different American landscapes from prairies to mountains, swamps to coastal towns. I was surprised that Alabama was so hilly. I loved the prehistoric caves in Kentucky (not that we had time to actually stop and see them, but just  knowing they’re there from the signs along the highway). Florida had so many birds – hawks, little white duck-like birds that apparently like to hang out next to the turnpike, even saw a pelican! – not to mention the cows and horses. Speaking of horses, Florida also seemed to have some really cool gated horse ranches. Driving through St. Petersburg was beautiful, including this great sail-like bridge that was lit up yellow at night. Coming up the riverside in Memphis was the perfect end to a long day of driving.
It’s equally interesting to imagine how the people in all these places live. What’s different? What’s the same?

Con – You’re on the road with other drivers, many of whom apparently don’t know how to actually drive. And don’t get me started on those crazy truck drivers.

Pro – You can stop at however many destinations you’d like. Plus, at your final destination, you have transportation to go wherever and see whatever. No worries  about cabbing it around everywhere or trying to rely on public transportation.

Con – You have to drive for many, many hours.

Pro – You get to sing along to your music as loud as you’d like (something that’s likely frowned upon in a plane).

Con – You are confined to a small metal box with another person. For many hours. Many, many hours.

Pro – Apparently, most of America from Chicago to Miami lets you drive at 70 mph.

Con – Now I have to get used to Chicago’s slower speed limits.

In the end, I consider the roadtrip to be a success. Looking forward to taking a southern-style road trip this summer!

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