Mission Impossible: Bus 151 Edition

When I once again found myself on a mission last night, Daniela and I came to the conclusion that we have to start chronicling these escapades. Whether it’s a ridiculous attempt to take public transportation somewhere or a trip to Michigan for an ice cream cone, we need to keep track of these things.

So last night we were determined to take the CTA to a friend’s house near downtown. After transferring onto the second bus, the fun really began. The trip was ridiculously long since the bus stops on practically every block from Uptown to Downtown. Around the 45th minute on this bus I realized that I had made a very grave mistake. While this was the the most direct way to get to our destination, it was also the most time consuming. If we had taken almost any other combination of trains and buses, it would have required a little more walking but would have been much faster.

At least we had the chance to meet an array of characters on our long journey on the bus. First, a large lady gets on the bus wearing a shirt with a little cut-out to show her belly button. Then the kids start piling onto the bus. A certain gentleman seated behind us was chatting away on the phone pretty much the entire time, being what Daniela called a “nosy rosy.” And I quote, “No, I want to know now. Tell me ALL about it.” To make matters worse, this guy had the hiccups the entire time. So his conversations kept getting interrupted by some very loud hiccuping.

By this time, we were almost at our destination. And sure enough, the closer we got, the more often the bus would stop and stand. And stand. And stand. At this point we should have just gotten off the bus and walked the remainder of the way. But we didn’t. 

In the end, after a few hours we finally got to our destination.

But we still had to get back. So when we were ready to leave my friend’s house, we jumped in a cab. Problem was, we only had $7 dollars. Our original plan was to just stop the cab when our money ran out. Luckily we were meeting my brother, so we were able to make it all the way to our destination and have him run out to the cab and give us the rest of the money we needed to pay our cabbie. And Rudy (that was the cab driver’s name) was never the wiser.

The end.

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