Top 5 80’s children’s show

Don’t you miss being a kid? The simplicity? The innocence? The TV shows?

Here are my top 5 favorite TV shows from my childhood:

  1. Zoobilee Zoo – can’t beat adults dressed as animals. Although no longer airing, the show now has a Facebook page!
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – cartoon ninja turtles, merchandize galore (including the famous pizza thrower, which I used to own), movies with live people dressed as turtles (apparently, any show that involved adults dressed at turtles has a place on this list).
  3. Jem – cartoon series about a music company owner by day and rock star by night. Could the rumors be true? Could there be a revival of Jem in the near future??
  4. Dinosaurs – three words, “Not the mama!”
  5. Small Wonder – a girl who’s stronger than the boys? Girl power!   

Some of my other favorites that didn’t quite make the cut were He-Man, Smurfs, and Alf. What were your favorite 80’s kids shows?

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