I love the 80s – Part Deux

So, I actually am not necessarily all that crazy about the 80s. I don’t go crazy for 80s music or fashion. But I do look back fondly on the TV shows. In part 2 of my reminiscing about 80s TV, I look at my top 5 favorite adult shows from the era. Even though I wasn’t an adult in the 80s. Apparently, I was ahead of my time.

1. Dynasty – Is there a better 80s show?? I remember watching reruns in Poland with Polish voice-over. And if you ever watched American TV in Poland back in the day, you’ll know that the voice-over was often done by just one or two people, so the dialogue lost a little drama, but it was still a great show!

2. MacGyver – My hero. I actually just came across this really cool SlideShare presentation yesterday about the Tao of MacGyver. Check it out.

3. The A-Team – wasn’t Face dreamy??

4. Beauty and the Beast – this show wasn’t too popular, but how can you resist the Linda Hamilton falling in love with a guy in lion makeup? Ooo…it’s out on DVD??

5. Columbo – apparently the show was actually on in the 70s, but I remember watching it in the 80s or some time around then, so it still counts.

What were your favs?

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