Standing out on YouTube

I was recently trying to think of ways to create a break-through presence on YouTube, and got to thinking that a lot of the videos that stand out do so because of one of two (or both) reasons:

  1. A great concept (this always wins)
  2. A new way of using the medium

One source I’ve found that has been helpful in keeping up with the latter is YouTube’s own blogs. They have two blogs, one for business and another more general, consumer one.

I encourage anyone interested in creating cool videos and using YouTube to the most of its abilities to check out these sources. Here are some of the most recent helpful tips & tidbits I’ve uncovered:

  • Comic Life, a fun application to make storyboards, or other comic-type projects
  • Another helpful blog, YouTube BrandWatch, which looks at how brands are using YouTube
  • YouTube has a new program, Video Volunteers, which links people with video skills with community organizations that want to broadcast their message to the world

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