Barcelona – Day 1

So for our first official day in Barcelona, we decided to be super tourists and take the double-decker tour bus around the city. First stop was the Sagrada Familia church – Gaudi´s still unfinished structure. It kinda sucks that after all these years, it´s still so heavily under construction. I really love the whole modernist style here in Barcelona, with Gaudi´s architectural style and others. It creates a very surreal atmosphere. It´s almost like you´re in a Tim Burton movie. It´s very cool that the shapes are so rounded and twisted and not exactly framed out.

Sagrada Familia

After the church, we went to see Park Guell, another Gaudi landmark. the park was beautiful, but I gotta say – the teeming crowds of tourists really made it look  a little ugly. The landscape and structures were truly marred by all the people crammed in there and taking photos. Being surrounded by that many tourists really makes me hate people. Then again, anytime I´m surrounded by crowds of people it makes me hate people.

The other cool part of Park Guell was that we saw the little cavernous area where on season of America´s Next Top Model filmed it´s season finale. When Adrian instantly recognized the area, too, I realized that he is a fan of America´s Next Top Model. Regardless, I of course had to invoke my inner model and strut my stuff down where the runway was.

Park Guell

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