Hola Barcelona!

I´m officially in Barcelona! Why did I already let Adrian talk me into a mission?!? I wanted to keep things simple and just grab a taxi from the airport to the hotel. That´s what any reasonable human being would do, right? But he wanted to take an adventure on the train. In a city that neither of us have been to, and where the primary language is Catalan, a language neither of us knows. After hopping onto a random train and staring at two different maps for a good 15 minutes, we got off and hopped into a cab.

Then we arrive at the hotel. Or more accurately, we arrive at a little box that they are calling a hotel room. I should have known: you get what you pay for!

Remember that at this point it´s about 11 p.m. or later and I´m hungry. You know what that means: hungry –> cranky. So we escaped the reality of the tiniest hotel room that ever was and walked down La Rambla. Luckily, despite it´s size, our hotel is at a good location. After stuffing our faces with tapas, we stroleld down to the port area. There, we proceeded to stuff our faces some more, this time with chocolate-covered waffles. And that was our first night in Barcelona! (I will politely leave out the part of the story where I seriously considering smothering Adrian with a pillow. You´re welcome, Adrian.)

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