A Typical Dinner Conversation

Here is a rough transcript of a typical dinner conversation between me and Adrian:


Adrian: You know, in the 1500s there was a book that came out in Mexico all about manners.

Agatha: Have you read it?

Adrian: No, of course not.

Agatha: I figured, because you seriously lacked manners at La Boqueria the other day when you called the waiter over and ordered before I even had a chance to look at the menu.

Adrian: No! Did I really do that?

Agatha: Yes, you did.


At this point, Adrian verbally composes an impromptu apology letter to me, begging me to accept his sincerest apologies. I told him to mail it to me and I´d think about it.


Agatha: I just remembered that before we left for Spain, you asked if I was going to get you a traveling partner gift. Is that in the manners book, too?

Adrian: Of course, but it is a tradition only for the woman to get the man a traveling partner gift. Obviously, it would be inappropriate for the man to give the woman such a gift, because it could convey inappropriate intentions.

Agatha: I didn´t know that, forgive my ignorance at not knowing the background of the traveling partner gift.

Adrian: It´s ok, women are not expected to know such things.

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