We arrived in Girona last night, and what a beautiful town! We spent a couple hours walking down the quiet, winding streets of the Old Quarter, El Call, which is a historic Jewish neighborhood.

The highlight of arriving in Girona was finding a hotel that was relatively affordable and seemed like a mansion compared to the tiny room in Barcelona!  Thank you, Hotel Peninsular! We even had a bidet, which Adrian coined a “lavaculos.” Although, according to the hotel, I am now Miss Balski.

Today, we spent the day walking around Girona, and visited the Cathedral here. Everything here is very medieval, which is cool and different, even though it´s not my favorite asthetic.

I hope more people discover Girona and it steps out of the shadows of nearby Costa Brava and Barcelona. The town is charming, quiet, with fewer tourists (which is actually a good thing) and a small river runs through it, dividing the Old Quarter from the modern part of the city. And the apartment buildings that line the river are really cute, colorful and old school. Altogether, a successful stop on our journey!

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