Art Museums of Madrid

Let me tell you, being a tourist while hungover is not fun. Especially when you´ve designated the day for museum visits.

Our first stop was the Thyssen museum. Seeing all the religious paintings there and throughout our trip really has renewed my interest in learning about the world´s religions. I´ll add that to my list of things to do.

After the Thyseen, we headed over to the Prado Museum to take advantage of its free hours. When we got there, there was a ridiculously long line of people waiting to get in that stretched at least 3/4 the length of the museum (which is huge). Luckily, once they opened the doors, the line moved super fast and we got in quickly.


Top Spanish Artists to See:

  1. El Greco
  2. Goya (especially love his Black Paintings)
  3. Velazquez
  4. Ribera
  5. Picasso


Top Things That Annoy Me about Tourists in (Art) Museums:

  1. Walking across between me and the painting I´m looking at when you can easily walk around behind me.
  2. Literally just walking up and standing directly in front of me to look at and block my view of a painting.
  3. Walking around a crowded space with your hands on your hips and your elbows sticking way out, bumping into people with them.
  4. Talking loud as hell in a museum.


Apparently some people think no one else in the world exists besides them! Sometimes it seems like these tourists are totally oblivious to anyone but themselves! In the church in Toledo (blog about that coming soon), some middle-aged Italian lady literally pushed me over to see something in a display case that I was looking at!

Anyways, after the Prado, we headed over to Chueca, the hip, gay neighborhood, for some drinks and food. There we got to see another show on the main square, this time with middle-aged, drunk gay guys and teens gathering to drink. The excitement never ends here in Madrid!

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