Tip: Do not say “Hola!” to the prostitutes…

Our first night in Madrid, we decided to head out to experience the nightlife I came to know so well when “studying” abroad here. We started off at a cute little bar not far off Gran Vía, then walked through Puerta del Sol to the Plaza de Santa Ana.

After that, we just bounced around a few bars, and soon enough, it was 4 am! Hey, that´s how you do it in Madrid. As talkative as Adrian is sober, you can imagine how he was after a few drinks. He wanted to say “hola” to everyone on the way back to the hotel – even the prostitutes! I told him that they would charge him even for an “hola” in hopes of shutting him up.

Overall it was a really fun night! I love going out in Madrid, and it´s awesome to just walk from one spot to another and spend the whole night checking out different little spots throughout various Madrid neighborhoods!

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