I love wings but wings don’t love me

Thanks to decades of overindulgence in fried foods, fries and other heart attack-inducing foods, I now have to work on changing my diet. But that doesn’t mean I can’t reminisce about some of my favorite foods. In this edition, I look back at my top three wing spots.

1. Buffalo Wild Wings. This is by far my favorite spot for wings. They are just the perfect tecture – not fried, but the skin’s not too thick or greasy. The mild wings are perfect. I can’t handle anything too hot, but these mild wings have just the right amount of kick.

2. Jewel. I literally stood in front of the  Jewel display case for a good five minutes today, staring at the wings and debating if I should get some or not. In the end, the little willpower I have kicked in and I walked away empty-handed, but trust me, it would have been worth it to relapse at Jewel. They have some really good fried wings! They have the perfect amount of batter so that the skin is crunchy but not too thick and greasy.

3. Hooters. I wasn’t always a huge fan of Hooters, but my last time there, the wings just seemed so delicious. Maybe the late night visit after a few beers was a factor, but I’m sticking to my ranking. Their fried wings are a little dryer but they have a very unique texture and a subtle but specific flavor.

I prefer ordering all flats (the non-drumstick wing) with a side of celery and ranch. So, go out, order some wings and eat a couple for me! Let me know what other spots have good wings.

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