My Favorite Ads of the Week

These are some of the TV ads I’ve seen in the past week that have really caught my attention.


1. IKEA’s Kitchen Commercial

Hilarious spot that shows a couple going into the kitchen after dinner and giving the appliances a pep talk, locker room style. Love the guy giving the  fridge a chest bump at the end. (Unfortunately, I could only find this crappy video of the ad)


2. Meow  Mix Piano Commercial

Ok, obviously anything with a cat in it gets my attention, but this ad really is funny! Love how the cat  is just chillin, all nonchalant, as this lady tries to catch him in the act.


3. Miracle Whip shows Stephen Colbert who’s boss

If you’ve seen the Miracle Whip TV spots, they are kind of silly – very lifestyle-driven and ending with the tagline, “Don’t be mayo” (meaning, don’t be boring).

When Stephen Colbert saw these ads, he came to mayo’s defense, stating for the record that he loves mayo. The war of words between Colbert and Miracle Whip culminated this week as Miracle Whip took out a full-page print ad to announce they had bought a spot in every commercial during the Stephen Colbert show.  And this is what showed up during every commercial break:

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