Dear Cab Driver…

The other weekend, my friend and I decided to go out for a night on the town. After a long night of being the classy, social butterflies we are, we hopped in a cab and headed home. Apparently, my friend overindulged herself, because she couldn’t stop hiccupping the entire ride home. As we neared my house, I asked the cab driver to stop at a McDonald’s drive thru so my friend and I could satisfy our late-night hunger. Who can resist the call of the golden arches after a night on the town??

Imagine my surprise when the cab driver threw a fit about our request to stop at McDonald’s. Excuse me, but if I’m paying you to drive me somewhere, I don’t see why a trip to McDonald’s should be any exception. It’s not like I asked him to stop the meter as we waited at the drive thru – he was still getting paid for it! Not to mention it was literally right on the way to my house. And the entire stop took a good three minutes – nothing to cry about.

Then again, if I was stuck in a cab with a girl hiccupping non-stop (oh wait, I was), I might lose my patience also.

Speaking of late night stops at McDonald’s, if I can get a mini-charter bus to make a pit stop and squeeze through the drive thru with a certain hungry newlywed screaming “double-cheezy!” in the back, it really shouldn’t be an issue for a cab.

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