Jersey Shore – Do You Want More?

This weekend I finally spent three hours watching Jersey Shore instead of being even remotely productive. At least now I can write this blog post.

I’d heard the hype about the show from people on Facebook, but then I read this article, which seemed a little dramatic:

“MTV’s new reality series, Jersey Shore, debuted last Thursday to some hostile reviews from the public, national organizations, and advertisers.”

First of all, I seriously doubt there was a public uprising about another reality show on MTV. Then the political correctness factor comes into play:

“UNICO National, an Italian-American service organization, protested that the show be canceled due to its exploitation of cultural stereotypes and frequent use of the term ‘Guido’.”

I have to agree with MTV’s response that the show clearly follows a very specific sub-segment of an ethnic group and how they self-identify. Just because you’re embarrassed that they’re douchebags, doesn’t mean it’s not an accurate portrayal. But then it gets even better:

“Daniel Cappello, executive director of the Jersey Shore Convention and Visitors Bureau, described the show as ‘one-dimensional’ and failing to represent the cultural diversity and beautiful beaches of NJ’s Monmouth and Ocean counties.”

Ok, this last one I don’t think I can even address seriously. To be fair, I have not been to Jersey so I can’t speak to the accuracy of “beautiful beaches,” but the show at least offers some cute shots of the shore.

That advertisers would pull out from the show seems a little over the top. I have to say, after watching the show (and I did kind of get into it), it’s really not all that risque. It’s pretty comparable to the drunken debauchery, irresponsible decisions and potty-mouth language you’ll find on any MTV reality show. And despite all the talk of hook-ups, there’s  barely even any sex on the show (yet), it’s all just drunken making out. Give me a break, this show is hardly worth all this controversy.

And for advertisers wary of being associated with the show, maybe they should check out Jersey Shore’s Facebook fan page, which has nearly 100,000 fans as of right now. That’s more than any number of brands currently on Facebook.

What do you think of Jersey Shore?

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