Date Night: Landmark Grill

My friend Daniela and I decided that we need to get out more. So we got all dolled up to check out a new restaurant: Landmark Grill. Let me clarify, I mean it was new to us, not new to Chicago.

Making reservations. Yes, I did call ahead to make reservations. I didn’t want my Latin lover to have to wait for a table. She gets a little cranky when she’s hungry and waiting. It was a little funny making a reservation for two and having the hostess ask me if it was any kind of special occassion. But we arrived and our table was ready: 1 point for Landmark.

Dinner. The food was really good – the restaurant labels itself as contemporary American fare, so I figured I should go for the steak. To be specific, the grilled black pepper ribeye with spinach and blue cheese potato gratin. When my plate came with what seemed like a 24 oz piece of meat on it, I was a little overwhelmed, but it was very yummy and had a great grill-y taste. Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite finish the plate because I wanted to save room for dessert. And wine. And, there wasn’t quite enough of the potato gratin to go with my steak, and I have this weird thing, where  I can’t eat meat without some kind of carby/starchy side.

Dessert. I had a warm brownie and ice cream, pretty classic dessert, but it was good. My date ordered the chocolate peanut butter semifreddo, which although we didn’t really know what it would be or how to pronounce it, came very highly recommended by our waitress.

Wine. The wine list had a little section of “5 wines for $25” so we decided to select a pinot noir: the Les Fontanelles from France. I’m more of a malbec-type gal, but it was good and my date, who it not typically a big red wine drinker, really liked it, so that’s something.

All in all, I really liked Landmark Grill. Arriving just after 8 p.m. for dinner was perfect timing. The restaurant turns into more of a lounge in the  evening, and by the time we left at almost 11 p.m., the place was packed.

Next date night: Mercadito!

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