Day 19: What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

Hm, interesting how those two are paired together….

I don’t consider myself especially religious, but I do consider myself spiritual. However, I do try to adhere to certain religious traditions mainly because I consider being Catholic an important part of my Polish culture. So granted, I really only make it to church maybe once or twice a year. But I always go the Saturday before Easter to bless the eggs. And I try not to eat meat on Fridays during lent. That’s because I want to feel connected to my culture, and these are cultural traditions as much as they are religious to me.

That’s my personal relationship with religion, but in general terms, I have no issues with people who are religious. In a way, I envy their unwavering faith in a very specific thing/set of things, because I find it difficult to feel that. But as long as you respect others’ preferences, I have no issue with you.

It is kind of annoying how religion can get politicized, though. I find politics generally annoying because they’re just so polarizing and uncompromising. It seems like a very counter-intuitive way to run a government to have two groups whose status quo seems to be to block what the other side is trying to accomplish.

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