Day 23: Something you wish you had done in your life

OK, this is kind of a silly question since, although I’ve already had several quarter-life crises, my life is actually far from over. But apparently I’m “no spring chicken,” as several friends have told me lately. Admittedly, I sometimes feel like I should have done more by now. Some of the things I wish I had already accomplished:

  • Traveled more
  • Traveled alone more and really embraced my gypsy lifestyle
  • Become a pop star
  • Married a rich husband so I could become a trophy wife
  • Divorced my rich husband so I could take half
  • Lived in more cities, in the US and internationally
  • Written that damn novel
  • Taken a break from my pop music career to dabble in movies

Alas, my life hasn’t been quite this glamorous, but I suppose it hasn’t been all that bad either! I guess now I just have to add these things to my to-do list.

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