Things I usually never do…

…but did today because my grandma’s here from Poland and came to see my apartment for the first time.

  • Cleaned the entire apartment. All at once.
  • Ironed. A tablecloth.
  • Used a tablecloth.
  • Dressed up for guests.
  • Cooked for guests (heating up counts as cooking, damnit).
  • Put on a little piano recital for my guests.

Things Othello did today that he usually doesn’t:

  • Actually didn’t eat the flowers I bought for the occassion.
  • Made an appearance in front of my guests and was unusually social.

All in all, a pretty eventful day, apparently! Reading my crafty friend Mindy’s blog inspired me to even take a photo of the lovely table setting. Looking back, I realize it might have been a good idea to take a photo also of the table full of food and people, but I think I’ve already outdone myself.

One comment

  1. tulips are always lovely 🙂 as is your table setting. and I would agree with all these things you normally don’t do. except the piano recital part.

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