Day 24: Make a play list to someone, and explain why you chose all the songs

My fellow world traveler, Frances, is somewhere in Asia right now and I woke up today to an email from her, so here’s my playlist dedicated to her. Miss you, ISKA!

“If We Ever Meet Again” – Timbaland & Katy Perry
Nothing like dancing like a couple of madwomen to this song in a Portuguese bar surrounded by 16 year olds!

“Since U Been Gone” – Kelly Clarkson
This one has to go out to both Frances and Pam, and our homemade music video to the song. Directed, recorded and starring the three of us one random night in our apartment at U of I. I’m pretty sure I still have that tape somewhere…

“Need You Now” – Lady Antebellum
Actually, I don’t even remember how this started, but for some reason this song reminds me of Frances (and her of me, or at least so she says). We both even heard it at the same time while listening to Acoustic Sunday Morning on 105.9.

“We No Speak Americano” – Yolanda Be Cool
Another song that brings back memories from our Portugal/Amsterdam trip.

“The Scientist” – Coldplay
Good ol’ American Idol inspired us to take on this song ourselves. Frances never ceases to amaze me with her musical skills – she figured this song out on guitar! I can’t even figure out how to play a chord on guitar!

“Only Hope” – Mandy Moore
Another example of Fran’s superior music skills – I remember her playing this on my tiny keyboard in college 🙂

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