Lollapalooza: Lessons Learned

Ok, this is my last Lolla post. Since this was my first time, I learned some important tips for next time. And yes, there will most definitely be a next time!

  1. Don’t wear jeans. Is it ever not hot during Lolla? Plus add in hundreds of thousands of people = hot, sweaty mess. And just TRY to get your jeans on & off in a tiny portapotty!
  2. Wear sandals at your own risk. My poor feet definitely got trampled on Friday, and I quickly understood why so many girls were wearing boots in 90-degree weather. I didn’t go so far to strap on a pair of galoshes, but I definitely rocked sneakers the rest of the weekend.
  3. Get in a line with mostly boys if you have to pee. Boys just pee faster.
  4. Wine in a sports bottle is evil. See day 2.
  5. You don’t really need to bring anything to sit on. Carrying a backpack with a towel was barely worth it for the 30 minutes we spent sitting on it the entire weekend.
But overall, I LOVED my first Lollapalooza experience! When I drove by as they were taking all the stages down last week, I was definitely a little sad inside. I’ll be back next year!
Hey, I didn't want this pic of the portapottys to go to waste...

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