Lollapalooza Day 3: Nas, Damian & lots of rain

Day 3 of the festival got off to an even slower start – hey, Lolla takes its toll on you, and I’m getting old. Anyways, the main act I was excited for on Sunday was Nas & Damian Marley. After wandering around a little, loading up on food & drinks, and watching a group of people jump the fence to get in, get caught up by the toilet-paper-refillers by the portapottys then have to pay them to stay in the festival, we headed towards the Bud Light Stage.

We actually got some pretty good spots since we arrived at the stage early. But we definitely “paid” for them – as soon as we got into position, it started raining. Then it started pouring. And it pretty much continued for 30 minutes straight as we stood there. It was quite ridiculous, and you stand there thinking, “Is this really worth it?”

But it definitely was! Of course Damian & Nas came on as soon as the rain stopped, and the sun even came out – and then a rainbow:

The set was really good too – enough to make everyone  jump around & splash in the mud. Nas & Damian came out to do their thing, then Nas came out and performed a ton of hits, including “Got Yourself a Gun” and “Made You Look.”  It was pretty much a Nas’s greatest hits set. Then Damian came out to perform a bunch of his hits. Although I have to say the highlight of his show was the backup singers/dancers who broke it down! I wish I had video of that…

Damian & Nas reunited to close out the set together, which included their recent single Patience and Nas jumping on the congas during the Bob Marley Tribute.

After Nas & Damian, my brother left and I was ready to call it quits. I felt bad because Daniela still wanted to see Kid Cudi, but I was cold, wet, tired and I’m not as excited about Kid Cudi as I used to be. So I convinced her to leave and we headed to my car in a nearby garage. We pull out of the garage, and….it’s pouring. Not to sound like a super lame, but I’m so glad we left just in time!

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