Lollapalooza Day 2: Eminem

For day 2 of Lollapalooza, I was ready to go with a more appropriate outfit (the previous day I wore jeans and sandals, two no-nos as far as I’m concerned).

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it downtown quite in time for Skylar Grey, but let’s face it, Saturday was pretty much all about Eminem anyways. We basically just dicked around for a few hours until Cee-Lo came on. We wandered around and tried to catch some other acts, but no one really kept our attention. And there were many trips to the concession stands. And at some point I decided to switch from beer to the sports-bottle-o-wine. Big mistake. But I didn’t realize that until much later…

Anyways, we found a decent spot in the grass between the Sony Stage & Music Unlimited stage so we could catch Cee-Lo, then Atmosphere, then Eminem. I have to admit, I agree with Hilary’s recap of Cee-Lo’s performance – it was kind of disappointing and seemed to go by really quick. Atmosphere….well, I don’t exactly remember that one but I think that’s because me and Daniela left to spend the rest of our cash on food & drinks. Unfortunately, when we got back my brother had left for the bathroom, so I left his chicken parm sandwich on the grass and the ants claimed it. Oops….sorry.

Then, the main attraction – Eminem! We quickly abandoned our lawn seat to rush into the mad crowd in front of the stage. Yes, I was “that girl” – the annoying one pushing past you to get closer to Eminem. But it was worth it – the Eminem show was AWESOME. He performed his old stuff, his new stuff and everything in between. Thankfully that included one of my favorite tracks from Recovery, “No Love” (this video is especially crappy, but it gets better towards the end and has a pretty decent shot of the huge crowd).

Then, Skylar Grey came out to perform “I Need a Doctor”:

THEN….Bruno Mars came out for “Lighters”!

(PS, for a complete list of shitty video footage I captured at Lolla, check out my YouTube Channel.)

Again, it was freaking AMAZING. After Eminem finished his set, we decided to hang out until the crowd thinned out. After that….well, let’s not get into details, but let’s just say I finished the night in true rockstar fashion.


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