My Lollapalooza Adventure: Day 1

So I finally made it out to Lollapalooza for the first time this year. And it was awesome.

Day 1…
My brother and I headed over to enter the gates, and ended up standing in line for what felt like 2 hours but was technically more like 25 minutes. As we stood there and I rolled my eyes at the douchebags behind us and the jerks to my right, my brother wondered why I came to a huge festival when I hate people.

The crowd for Foster the People

The first act we caught was Foster the People, a Chicago indie band that has been getting tons of hype lately. And the crowd was bananas. A little to bananas for me.  So we grabbed some beverages and headed over to Perry’s, that huge tent you’ve probably seen pics of, where most of the dance/DJ acts performed. I gotta say, it was a really cool set up. We ended up  walking into the Collie Buddz set – pretty good reggae.

Then, it was time to meet Daniela. But what event would be complete without my and my brother going and ransacking the gift shop/tent. Time for a wardrobe change! That’s better:

After meeting Daniela we checked out Tinie Tempah at the Google+ Stage, where I impressed my brother by the power of Shazam after the program was able to identify this one song he performed that I really liked (Love Suicide) even though we were standing way in the back.


At some point after Tinie Tempah, we ended up back at Perry’s to meet some people up. Just in time for Afrojack. Words cannot express how crazy it was – it was ridiculously hot, unbelievably packed but the energy was pretty awesome. A little Jersey Shore for me with all the fist pumping, but I have to admit, I snuck in a few fist pumps myself. It was hard not to! But in the words of Daniela (at least I think she said this), “It was awesome but I never want to do it again.” I can’t believe it was still light out at this point:

Finally, we had to make our exit before I passed out from the heat (and from my annoyance with people invading my personal space). Just in time for Muse

Before Muse ended, the three of us ended up going our separate ways. Daniela to the Metra, my brother to…wait, actually I have no idea where he went. And me – well, I stayed to watch the end of the Muse set then left Lolla just in time to get swept into the huge Coldplay crowd and everyone else leaving the festival. It was no bueno. After walking around in a huge circle and trying to catch a cab, I gave up and jumped on a semi-random bus. After I got off the bus and as I was waiting for my second bus to come and take me home, I realized that bus was not coming anytime soon. Luckily I was able to jump in a cab right as it started to rain. And a mere two hours after actually leaving Lolla, I was home!


Stay tuned for my day 2 & 3 recaps…

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